Book Clubs

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Book Club Discussion Questions

1. Describe the emotional climate in the Williams’ home that is established in the first chapter. What emotions and impulses are being acted upon or repressed by the family members? What discoveries does the reader make about the differences in the relationships between mother and daughter, and mother and son?

2. What do the details involving Tyler Colton in the first scene in the parking lot suggest about the role he will play in the novel?

3. After reading the description of the meeting with the Coltons, Meg, Sarah, and the vice-principal, what can the reader discern about Tyler’s relationship with his parents? How have his parents’ affluence and interference affected Tyler?

4. What motivates Sarah’s mother to sabotage Bob’s efforts at a marital reconciliation? What details in the novel support her assumptions? If Sarah had discovered her mother’s interference, what could her reaction have been?

5. Sarah has a close professional and personal relationship with Meg. Of what importance is their relationship in maintaining Sarah’s emotional stability? Was Meg justified in her threat to sever their coaching partnership? What were the potential consequences to Meg for covering Sarah’s errant behavior?

6. In chapter twenty-two Meg says to Sarah, “Don’t you see that you’re the one with all t he advantages?” To what advantages is she referring? What prevents Sarah from agreeing with what Meg is saying? Does Tom have any serious disadvantages he must overcome?

7. The tendency of people to become polarized is a major theme in the novel. How does this polarization develop between the main characters? What behavior flaws exacerbate the polarization?

8. Sarah ponders the difficulty of “merging totally different lives. . . How did people just start sharing bathrooms, and money, and keys to the car with middle-aged strangers?” How would age influence Sarah as she contemplates entering into a new relationship? How would a relationship with Clayton differ from the earlier relationship she had with Bob?

9. In chapter thirty-three Sarah confronts Jenny about having a boyfriend. What details heighten the emotional impact of that argument? Should Sarah have anticipated Jenny’s response, running away? Why would Tyler prepare Jenny for the confrontation with her mother?

10. At the conclusion of the novel, Sarah writes this quotation in Kristin’s yearbook, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” What does Sarah’s choice of that quotation, tell the reader about Sarah’s evolution as a character?